Dr Jasmine B. MacDonald (BA/BSW(Hons), PhD) is an Adjunct Lecturer with the School of Psychology, Charles Sturt University and Methodological Consultant for the APS journal Australian Community Psychologist. Jasmine has held academic roles at Charles Sturt University, Australian College of Applied ​ Psychology and RMIT University.

Jasmine's primary research interest is occupational stress and trauma. In particular, Jasmine is interested in exploring the nexus between journalism and psychology. Her research considers the kinds of traumatic events TV news workers are exposed to and the psychological implications of this work. Jasmine's research was the first of its kind to focus on the trauma experiences of TV news camera operators, how their experiences compare to those of other news workers, and the functional role of relationships amongst news workers of various roles.

Jasmine hosts the psychology podcast Psych Attack, having relaxed conversation with experts about the topics they are passionate about in psychological research and/or practice.

Jasmine's broader interests include: dogs, nature, sport, tea, and food. 🐶 🌱 ⛹🏻‍♀️

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