Finding a journal to publish in

By Dr Jasmine B. MacDonald on November 7, 2023

Recently I sat down with Dr Rachael Fox to reflect on our publishing experiences, both independently and as collaborators. In the process we discussed some tips and tricks for publishing. In this post I have drawn out some key points specifically about finding a journal for your paper.

If you want to hear the whole conversation, you can listen on the Psych Attack podcast website or on your preferred podcast platform (e.g., Spotify or Apple Podcasts).

Dr Rachael Fox is Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, Charles State University. Rachael’s qualitative research is mostly in the areas of Community Psychology and Critical Psychology. Rachael is one of two editors of the Australian Community Psychologist, an open access journal by the Australia Psychological Society.

1. Find a journal before you finish writing your paper

2. How to find journals that might be a good fit for your work

3. Communication and relationships

Author note

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