Consumer-Sensory Evaluation of Australian Chardonnay


Chardonnay is an important variety for the Australian wine industry. The apparent reduction in consumer interest in the varietal in recent years has been described as the ‘Chardonnay Challenge’, because every region is at least somewhat exposed to the sudden and substantial drop in Chardonnay sales, and research and analysis is needed to understand, first, why this is happening and, secondly, whether something can be done to address the decline in sales. As part of the ‘Attitudes, drivers of consumption and taste preferences: A focus on Chardonnay’ project, we examined consumer perceptions of Chardonnay, sensory aspects, consumer preferences and other factors to understand the ‘Chardonnay Challenge’. Here we report on the sensory and consumer results.


Saliba, A. J., Heymann, H., Blackman, J. W., & MacDonald, J. B. (2013). Consumer-Sensory Evaluation of Australian Chardonnay. Wine & Viticulture Journal, 28(3), 64–66.