Coercive control literature review


This report presents a literature review on coercive control in the context of domestic and family violence, with a particular focus on the understanding of, and responses to coercive control in the Australian context. Commissioned by the Australian Attorney-General’s Department, this review focuses on identifying, summarising, analysing and synthesising the existing Australian academic research and evaluations on coercive control. The review highlights the complexities of defining, recognising, and responding to coercive control and identifies relevant gaps in the evidence base.

Drawing from a range of quantitative and qualitative studies across scholarly and grey literature, including non-government reports, government and parliamentary reports, peak body reports, and position papers, this review captures the growing recognition of coercively controlling behaviour in the context of family and domestic violence.


Beckwith, S., Lowe, L. Wall, L., Stevens, E., Carson, R., Kaspiew, R., MacDonald, J. B., McEwan, J. & Willoughby, M. (2023). Coercive control literature review. Retrieved from Australian Institute of Family Studies: