Talking Shop: Coping with Emotional Fatigue and Burnout


The last year and a half has been monumentally challenging for journalists everywhere. The climate crisis, which this summer seems to bring one weather disaster after another while governments mainly dawdle, is tough enough on journalists’ psyches. But overlapping with the climate crisis have been the COVID-19 pandemic, the police murder of George Floyd and other deaths of people of color, and the attack on constitutional government exemplified by the January 6 violent assault on the US Capitol. Meanwhile, newsroom lay-offs drive further physical and emotional exhaustion as journalists are compelled to do the work that two, even three, former colleagues used to handle. Most journalists feel fortunate to work in this profession, but we risk burning out if we don’t take care of ourselves along the way. 

To learn how to cope with climate grief and journalistic burnout, please join us on August 4 at 3pm US Eastern Time for 60 minutes of frank discussion among peers, supplemented by a mental health professional who has conducted extensive research surrounding this issue for journalists.